Marketing Advertising SBI Program


Need a new marketing plan? Gain fresh perspective and insight while helping Marketing students learn about developing an Integrated Marketing and Communications Plan. This popular program has helped many businesses focus their marketing efforts, better understand social media and how they can use it in their business, and much more about marketing their product or service.

During the course of a semester, a LSBE Marketing student team will define the scope of work with the business owner and the Labovitz School of Business and Economics faculty member.

The marketing students will present this information in a final presentation and you will receive a report of their findings, potential solutions and suggested marketing plan.

Access to financial and marketing information is required. All students participating in this program and the CED staff sign confidentiality agreements requiring them to keep all client information confidential.

The cost to participate in Marketing SBI Programs: Businesses are assessed a $300 fee to participate in the Marketeing Advertising SBI Program. This fee is used to defer the cost of the final presentation materials presented to the business.

Interested companies are asked to answer the following questions before confirming participation in the program.

Program offerings:
  • Fall  (September – December) – Marketing
  • Spring  (January – May) – Marketing
Deadline to apply to be considered for a program:
  • Fall Semester: August 15
  • Spring Semester: December 23