Consumer Behavior SBI Program

How can you enhance your customer’s perceptions of your retail environment? How do customers view your signage, store layout, and sales interactions? Improve your service and increase sales by analyzing customer behavior.

Businesses in the Twin Ports area with a retail location such as restaurants, bars, retail stores are invited to participate in this opportunity to have an unbiased analysis of how customers interact with, and perceive their place of business based on consumer behavior principles.

UMD Labovitz School of Business and Economics students analyze the business in terms of the environment and customer interactions to see if there are opportunities for the business to better serve their customers and/or increase sales.

Students will:

  • analyze the business environment and customer interactions.
  • identify the key target markets of the current customer base.
  • analyze the current use of consumer behavior principles in the environment.
  • make recommendations on how the business can alter the interaction or the environment to enhance the relationship with customers and potentially increase sales.

The students will observe the retail space in a respectful, non-obtrusive manner throughout the semester and present their findings in a presentation and report to the business at the completion of the program. All analysis of the business will be kept confidential.