Economic Gardening

Helping businesses make informed decisions to achieve growth

The Arrowhead Region Economic Gardening Program is a pilot program sponsored by the Arrowhead Growth Alliance and managed by the UMD Center for Economic Development and the Entrepreneur Fund.

UMD Center for Economic Development
UMD Center for Economic Development

Curt Walczak
Entrepreneur Fund
Meg Thoreson

The purpose of the pilot program is to ascertain if this economic development strategy can be
of long term benefit to both local CEOs and the regional economy. This concept or strategy is designed to provide sophisticated technical assistance to second-stage companies that have the intent and capacity to grow their business. The pilot program is available to Northeast-MN or Northwest-WI businesses which meet the selection criteria. It provides full funding for Economic Gardening® services for all selected pilot program participants.

During the pilot phase, the businesses selected will interact with the national strategic research team (NSRT) who will deliver research tailored to each business’s particular agreed upon issues. The NSRT provides expertise in the following areas:

  • Secondary & Database Research
  • Online Marketing & Positioning/Search Engine Optimization & Marketing
  • Social Media Network Mapping
  • Strategy Alignment
  • Capital Referrals
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Mapping Tools

Business Qualifications
Approximately 10-100 employees
Sales revenue between $1 million- $20 million
Opportunity to grow outside of the region

Arrowhead Growth AllianceThe Arrowhead Growth Alliance is a coalition of public and private organizations committed to advancing regional economic development within the seven counties of Northeastern Minnesota and Douglas County, Wisconsin. Arrowhead Growth Alliance members strive to align their organizations for growing the economy in the region. Our vision is to create wealth across the region by developing businesses and talent.