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Computer Workshops

Workshop Schedule and Registration Information

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You may register online or call us at 218-726-7298 to register.

Training Partnerships

We partner with many government agencies and regional businesses to bring quality workshops to NE Minnesota.

The following computer workshops are offered on a regular basis by the UMD Center for Economic Development. Check our online registration for dates and times of upcoming workshops.

Computer workshops offered at UMD CED are hands-on workshops with computers provided for the training. All workshops are done on a PC platform.

If your computer knowledge is limited, we strongly recommend Computers 101 and Computers 102 as a prerequisite. We request that you have a good working knowledge of computers prior to taking any software specific workshops.

Computers 101 - Computer Basics
Designed for individuals who have never used a computer. Covers what computers do, basic computer terminology, the proper way to turn on and off the computer, how to use the mouse and keyboard, the basics of moving around in Windows and how to save and open files.

Computers 102 - Desktop Productivity
Know the very basics of working on a computer but want to know more? This workshop covers how to operate a computer, manage the computer desktop, save, delete, store, copy, and move files. Get an introduction to the Microsoft Office Products.

Access I- Basics of Database Management
Create databases, save to editing, format, create basic tables, forms, queries and reports to manage data and retrieve information quickly.

Access II- Beyond the Basics of Database Management
Go beyond the basics of database management - import data from a spreadsheet, export a table from an existing database and merge a table from a database into a document. Create and use customized forms, reports and a switchboard.

Access III- Database Relationships and Queries
(Prerequisite: experience using Access on a daily basis) Covers database terms and concepts. Build a relational database from scratch and create tables. Define relationships between tables and understand some rules for building a relational database. Write queries using the design view, SQL view, and query wizard. Create and understand indexes. Understand the basics of data model normalization and build a relational database from scratch.

Access IV- Visual Basic in Access
Manipulate data in your database using Visual Basic. Covers elements, dealing with datasets, higher-level error checking (checking against multiple items), and basic programming structures (statements, loop, and logicals). Programming experience is not required.

Excel I - Basics of Spreadsheets
Create data-rich, professional-looking spreadsheets. Covers the very basics of spreadsheets, from creating and saving to editing and formatting. Create easy-to-understand charts.

Excel II - Beyond the Basics of Spreadsheets
Use comments, create conditional formatting, work with IF statements, link workbooks, insert headers & footers, sort lists, do more with charts, and create mailing lists.

Excel III - Macros and Functions
Delve deep into the power of Excel. Use powerful functions (countif, trim, ceiling, lookup, subtotals, and more) to extend your functions, create macros by recording keystrokes and then updating the Visual Basic code. Information on Pivot Tables, screen layout, Excel Options, and best practices.

GIMP - Basics in the Photoshop Alternative
Do everything you can do with Photoshop in GIMP - a free internet download!  This workshop covers transparencies, red-eye removal, layers, cut, crop, selective colorization, file size reduction, smudge, blur, sharpen, and script-fu (programs to give your pictures incredible effects).  GIMP will be used in the workshop, however, the information taught is transferable to Photoshop as well.

Microsoft Project
Keep a handle on the big projects. This workshop goes through a simulated project building the schedule, time costing, resource scheduling, and actual project length. Use the Gantt chart to build dependences, view progress, and schedule concurrent tasks. Get useful reports on projects and build a template.

PowerPoint I- Basics of Creating Presentations
Create professional, powerful and effective computerized presentations. Organize and format your material easily, and illustrate your points with images, clip art, and sound. This is a very basic hands-on workshop.

PowerPoint II - Beyond the Basics of Creating Presentations -
(Prerequisite: experience using Microsoft PowerPoint) Go beyond the basics to create customized professional presentations. Work with design templates, create organization and flow charts and much more for a positive impression and appearance. This is a hands-on workshop.

Prezi - Create Dynamic Presentations
Create dynamic, professional, computerized presentations with free Prezi software. Prezi is the NEW way to generate presentations that hold people's interest.

Covers the basic functions of this number one selling small business accounting program. In addition to this day-long workshop, receive the QuickBooks learning guide.

Advanced QuickBooks
Covers import/export of data including software that facilitates the process, tracking costs, how to handle bulk inventory, NSF checks, modifying reports, add-on software, vendor statement reports, customized letter writing using QuickBooks data, discussion and exploration of specific issues brought to the workshop by participants.

Social Media 101
Skype, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn... you want to use the latest technology for your business but you aren't sure exactly how it all works? This workshop is hands on and will cover how to install a webcam, sign up for a Skype account, and make calls with Skype. Then we will look at Facebook, setting up your own pages for a business, a non-profit, or a cause in addition to setting up your own private groups. This workshop will cover the major social media players: Facebook, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn. It will be a great opportunity to ask questions and learn the latest tips and tricks of social media.

Word I - Basics of Word Processing
Create professional-looking documents. Covers the very basics of word processing, from creating and saving to editing and formatting a document. 

Word II - Beyond the Basics of Word Processing
Go beyond the basics of word processing - create templates, forms, columns, and work with tables. Improve you efficiency by using mail merge to send the same letter to a list of people.

Word III - Advanced Features and Functions
Attend this hands-on computer workshop for the more advanced Word users. The workshop will cover how to make your Word document a PDF, word signatures, how to work with WordArt, watermarks and more. It will also cover how to count words, pages, characters, paragraphs or lines as you type, inserting endnotes/footnotes, comparing documents side by side, tracking changes while you edit, inserting a field or symbol, drop caps and more.

Wordpress I
Create a professional looking website using the free software Wordpress.  This workshop will include getting a theme, adding pages, adding pictures and movies, and the ability to add text to your websites.  Learn to adds "widgets" to the site to make your site active such as having an up-to-date events calendar.

Wordpress II
Once you have created your website in Wordpress, this workshop will walk you through how to install a test Wordpress site on your computer (whether Mac or PC).  This is a great way to test ideas before actually doing them on an internet site.  Then learn about 10 widget that help organize your work on the website and with other people.

Wordpress III
Do you want to sell products from your Wordpress website? This workshop will cover how to connect a Wordpress site to Paypal for people to purchase individual items or to use free shopping cart programs to allow people to buy multiple items at a time.  Do you want to have multiple people be able to update your site? This workshop will cover how to give different employees/users of your site different rights to modify the webpages. This workshop will also cover useing Wordpress' cousin (Wikimedia) to create a body of information about everything from your family to any products you may have.

Wordpress IV
Do you want to create a Wordpress theme?  Learn the pages you need to create and how they tie together.  Learn about the functions built into Wordpress that allow a user to get the maximum out of their website. This workshop is designed to put the final touches on your website to give you a professional, well laid out Wordpress website.

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